Ghana is the second largest producer of cocoa globally; however, cocoa farmers face difficulties to cover basic needs.

Cocoa360 helps cocoa farmers to take their daughters to school, free of charge, and they also offer basic medical services to the communities they are involved with.

In the last seven years Cocoa360 has put more than 270 young girls through elementary school, with an outstanding 98% assistance rate. The academic results of these girls are also exceptional, rating among the best on nationwide tests.

Cocoa360 fundraiser calendar
Cocoa farmers in Ghana

Additionally, Cocoa360 has built a community clinic where they’ve provided medical services to more than 9000 people, and they have also actively helped educate the community in preventive measures to tackle COVID-19’s quick spread.

All that is possible thanks to generous donations they receive from people like you from all around the world.


100% of the proceeds from this calendar will be donated to Cocoa360 to support education and help improve the clinic. Only the printing expenses will be subtracted (4€~ per calendar and 3€~ per set of postcards).

These are the prices:

  • Calendar: 12€
  • 5 Postcards: 8€

This is the impact your donation has:

  • 5€: School furniture for 1 girl.
  • 8€: Food for 6 girls for a whole day.
  • 15€: Teaching and learning materials.
  • 30€: Work books for the school year.
  • 37,5€: All school expenses for 1 month.
  • 70€: Transportation expenses for the entire school year.
  • 225€: All school expenses for half of the school year.
  • 450€: Schooling expenses for the entire school year. – OBJECTIVE
How are we doing?
318€ 70%


Shipping expenses will be covered by myself using standard shipment.

Of course! Visit Cocoa360’s website to donate directly.

Calendars will be shipped in December 2022.

You can order your calendar until the 1st of October 2022. Every order that hasn’t been paid by then will be automatically cancelled.

Only printing expenses will be subtracted from your donation (4€~ per calendar, 3€~ per set of postcards). After that, all the money will be donated to Cocoa360. I won’t receive any money from the calendars or from Cocoa360.